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Tatuaje “W” Nice Ash Cigars

The Tatuaje Whore or “W” is a shop exclusive cigar that is available at Nice Ash Cigars, a retailer with shops in Depew, New York and Warren, Pennsylvania. Tatuaje is a company that has a long track record of successful shop exclusive releases. 2015 might be one of the strongest years for Tatuaje shop exclusives to date.  The “W” is derived from the name “Whore”. The name “Whore” stems from an insider joke between Tatuaje Cigars owner Pete Johnson and Nice Ash Cigars Rob Roth. A slow rollout announcing the project ensured. On Monday June 8th, a website called was setup with just the letter “W” on it. Each day another letter was added. “H” on June 9th, “O” on June 10th, “R” on June 11th, and “E” on June 12th. When the “O” was revealed it contained the Tatuaje logo inside of it. Once the word “WHORE” was spelled out, there was a message indicating the launch of the dedicated to the cigar. When the cigar was officially announced by Nice Ash Cigars, it was unveiled as Tatuaje the Whore. Eventually the final name was settled on “The W”.


The Sumatra Rosado wrapper has a slight rust and tanned leather look to it with notable tooth vein and seams. The label has a sexy looking French bustier on a black background encircled with gold, the red “W” is strategically placed looking like garters hanging down. By this time, we all know what the “W” stands for. Along the sides are red, white and blue stripes which is very synonymous with Tatuaje. Underneath it reads “exclusive series” identifying that the “Whore” is a shop exclusive to Fine Ash Cigars. The foot is wide open with a belicoso cap. Pre-light aroma had notes of strong cedar, slight earth and barnyard. Pre-light draw was wide open with cedar, natural tobacco and nuances of sweet tea.


Upon first light flavors of leather, black pepper and coffee were present but, most notable was the strong flavor of cedar. Tonight I used a cedar spill but on other examples I’ve been smoking for review the woody cedar flavors were consistent even with my traditional torch lighter. Sweet notes of carmel and pepper lingered on the palate for a muted spicy finish.


After cruise control burn the cedar flavors intensified adding a bit of char and leather into the mix, black pepper was present and lingered in-between draws, notes of burnt caramel and black coffee appeared with the core flavor of charred sweet cedar.


The complexity of the “W” stayed consistent with the strong woody notes that never decreased, other notable flavors of muted pepper, burnt caramel, coffee and a slight dark chocolate nuance were present on the finish.


In all 3 examples I smoked the construction on the “W” was absolutely perfect! I never had one burn issue and the tightly packed ash held strong and firm. The ever present aroma of camp fire and flavors of sweet cedar lasted the entire duration. Strength was in the upper MED bodied range and the wide open draw produced copious amounts of thick creamy white smoke. Having smoked many shop exclusives, the “W” exceeded my expectations proving that Pete Johnson is truly a master tobacco mixologist.

Cigars Purchased from: Nice Ash Cigars (Box)

Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 9-10

Size: 6 x 52 Belicoso

Wrapper: Sumatra Rosado 

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Additional information on the “W” provided by: Cigar Coop

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