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Alec Bradley Post Embargo (Pre Release)


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Alec Bradley Post Embargo (Pre Release)

I attended an Alec Bradley event last night at the Woodland Hills Cigar Co. Our friend Casey was there debuting the latest from AB. A good time was had and Casey was gracious enough to let me try a new Post Embargo Robusto, The cigars are scheduled to be released this month and I’m looking forward to trying each of the sizes offered in the line as I found it to be a very enjoyable cigar in both flavor, balance and strength. 

The following are excerpts from an article posted by Cigar Insider.

Forget everything you saw regarding the Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigar brand at the IPCPR trade show last summer—the packaging has completely changed. Although the cigars are rolled and ready, brand owner Alan Rubin scrapped the entire star-spangled Americana motif and redesigned the boxes and bands from scratch. Now, it shows allegorical representations of Cuba and America with classic artwork resurrected from a vintage Cuban brand.

“The original boxes ended up looking like a toy. Too cartoonish. I couldn’t do that to the brand,” said Rubin to Cigar insider. Post Embargo’s forward-thinking theme celebrates the United States’ improved diplomacy with Cuba.

First previewed at the 2015 IPCPR trade show in New Orleans, the cigars were presented in a large, wooden shipping crate with bold, eye-catching artwork on the band that appeared to represent the marriage of the Cuban and American flags. At the show, Rubin indicated that the band and packaging were not finalized and would likely change before Post Embargo’s official release. The cigar’s artwork has now been overhauled, and features two women (one from Cuba, one from the U.S.) draped in their country’s respective flags, clasping hands. I welcome the dropping of the embargo,” Rubin said. “I hear the term ‘non-Cuban cigars’ and it bothers me. It’s as if Cubans are the benchmark and everything else is second-rate. When the embargo ends, we’ll all be on a level playing field, and I’ll be able to compete with Cuban brands. I want people to smoke my cigars next to Cuban cigars. That’s what Post Embargo is really about—open trade and a level playing field where the smoker can make his choice without being influenced by the mystique of the unattainable.”

Post Emabargo Artwork

Photo courtesy of Alec Bradley Cigar Co.

The Post Embargo will be available in four sizes.

  • 5 x 52 Robusto
  • 6 1/4 x 54 Gordo
  • 6 x 60
  • And a limited-edition Lancero at 7 1/2 x 41

Only 1000 boxes of each size have been produced, with the exception of the Lancero that will consist of only 500 boxes.


The Honduran Corojo wrapper is a deep rich brown color with a tanned leather appearance to it, silky smooth with slight seam and minimal vein. The Robusto example looks like it could be a semi box pressed vitola although I can’t be sure. The single band on the Post Embargo looks like a throwback to the Cold War propaganda art from the early 60’s, but in a friendlier sort of way. Muted in blues, reds and browns it depicts an American and Cuban flag coming together as the font above reads “BRIDGE THE GAP”. A true statement of things we see unfolding right in front of us as the tensions between the U.S and Cuba seem to be easing. The Proclamation 3447 Kennedy signed on Feb 3 1962 establishing the embargo against Cuba seems to be easing and will most likely be lifted. Other font above reads “TASTE THE PAST” and “ENJOY THE FUTURE” a true testament of the present. Above is the Alec Bradley logo “AB” with Alec Bradley Cigar Co along the sides, at the bottom reads the cigars name “POST EMBARGO” the artwork is extremely well done and absolutely fits the theme. The Vitola had an open foot with a pre-light aroma of chocolate and sweet natural tobacco. The cold draw after V-cutting the rounded cap had notes of cedar, earth and tea.


Upon first light notable flavors of pepper, coffee and chocolate are quite prominent. Nuances of cedar, roasted nuts and leather balance in the background. The retro had a warm flavor of white pepper evolving into a sweet aftertaste of black cherry on the palate.


After cruise control burn pepper, creamy milk chocolate and roasted nuts balance perfectly. Background nuances of natural tobacco, leather and slight earth with sweet notes of tea. The finish is long with a rich and peppery aftertaste. The retro had stronger notes of white pepper with a distinct sweetness of dried fruit on the upper palate.


The black pepper has decreased slightly allowing the rich flavors of roasted nuts, coffee and milk chocolate to lead the way giving the Post Embargo a distinct rich hearty sweetness into the final third. Flavors of leather, tea and earth with a woody cedar nuance are still hitting as background flavors balancing in with the decreased pepper notes for a sweet and spicy finish. The retro was consistent with white pepper that increased at cruise control but mellowed into the final duration always followed with the flavors of dried fruit I can identify as either raisin or black cherry leaving a consistent sweet flavor on the upper palate.


The construction of the Post Embargo was tight and flawless. The V-Cut had the perfect amount of resistance that produced plumes of creamy white smoke. As always Simi Valley had windy conditions that posed no problems for the burn line that was razor sharp. As I puffed away the wind swirled and lifted the smoke up in a tornado type vortex that was quite amusing and mesmerizing at times. The ash was tight but loosened at the inch point and broke off on its own. I found the Alec Bradley Post Embargo to be a solid MEDIUM bodied cigar with an array of complex and balanced flavors and box worthy! With other sizes in the line I am more than curious to see if the flavor profiles remain consistent with the Robusto example smoked for review.


  • Black pepper
  • Creamy milk chocolate
  • Roasted nuts
  • Medium Bodied


Cigar provided by: Casey Aldulaimi at the Woodland Hills Cigar Co. Alec Bradley event.

Cigars Smoked for review: 1

Cigar Smoke Rate: 9.0/10

Size: 5 x 52 (Robusto)

Wrapper: Honduras (Corojo)

Binder: Nicaragua, Honduras (Dual)

Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras
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