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Chillin’ Moose

The folks at Foundry Tobacco Company march to the beat of their own drummer. General Cigar Creative Director Michael Giannini founded the brand with the intention of bringing something totally new to the cigar industry, and there’s no doubt that he succeeded. Unconventional, untraditional, and slightly off the wall, Foundry cigars appeal to a particular sort of customer who enjoys great cigars and also has a sense of humor.
First look is an oily Connecticut Habano Rosado wrapper with slight tooth and vein. A slightly over sized label with a cool cigar smoking Moose who seems to be..Well? “Chillin” the cigar smelled of notable barnyard cedar and dry hay that appropriately fit.

First light gave off hints of black pepper with an underlying hint of cocoa and dried fruit. After cruise control burn the black pepper is slightly muted with notable coffee, charred cedar with bitter dark chocolate.

Final third the black pepper kicked up with coffee and flavors of sweet tea, dark chocolate and orange peel that blended perfectly with a spicy after taste on the palate.

Construction was very good with a slight crooked burn that corrected itself at the half point with no re-lights required. The price point is a huge plus that would make this a daily smoke in anyone’s rotation.

Cigar Smoke rate: 88

Size: Gordo 6 x 60

Wrapper: Connecticut Habano Rosado

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican, U.S Broadleaf, Mexican San Andreas

Binder: Ecuador Sumatra

Romeo y Julieta / Aging Room Small Batch F25


Size: 5 x 48

Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic 

Foundry Tobacco Dubnium Db 105

The Periodic Table shows natures variety at its most basic and extraordinary. Each element presents a unique combination with its own distinct properties. The popular Carbon and Uranium cigars are joined by three exciting extensions to the line: Cobalt, Lithium and Dubnium Db 105.
While this is dedicated to the element number 105, the cigar has a themed mischief by tying in the Cheshire Cat, scouring to Foundry Cigars “the Cheshire Cat beckons us onward to explore the unexplored and discover the undiscovered down the rabbit hole”

First look you notice the huge wrapper sporting a shit eating grin of the Cheshire Cat! I’m giving this label 10 out of 10 for its shear coolness. I was pleasantly surprised when there was virtually zero damage to the wrapper when the label was removed.

Upon first light there where short bursts of bitter pepper that had a pleasant sour burnt cedar after taste. After cruise control burn flavors of dark earth, leather and sweet tea evolved with an underlying muted bitter taste of charred wood that was slightly stronger than was noted at first light.

Final third the cigar evolved into a medium powerhouse with notes of molasses, dark coffee and bitter chocolate. Well balanced throughout there were longer blasts of white pepper on the finish with a spicy aftertaste.

Happy to report the Dubnium Db 105 was more good than gimmick. The construction was flawless with no damage to the wrapper upon removal. The ash held tight past the one inch mark with a razor sharp burn. The milkshake type draw made this an enjoyable cigar from start to finish.

Cigar Smoke Rating: 88

Size: 6 x 60 Box Press

Wrapper: Unknown

Filler: Unknown

Binder: Unknown

Punch Rare Corojo Limited Edition


Size: Figurdo 7 1/4 x 57 

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras. Nicaragua

Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf 

Cromagnon Blockhead Part Deux

It features a beautiful US Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, a unique Cameroon binder and an amazing marriage of three Nicaraguan varietals in the filler. The filler leaf for this blend was acquired from three separate growing regions in Nicaragua; Esteli, Condega and a small farm north of Esteli on the Honduran border. The third leaf, a ligero, brings a strong smoky savory flavor to the blend. When combined with the mildly-sweet characteristics of the broadleaf maduro wrapper the exotic bite of the Cameroon binder and the clean finish of its viso and seco companions, the blend delivers the precise deep rich tobacco flavor that Skip wanted to present in the CroMagnon line. “CroMagnon transcends lifestyle. CroMagnon is our culture”pepper, coffee, deep rich earth and slight leather. After cruise control burn flavors of charred cedar, leather with the subtle notes of spice and sweet tea. Final third gained flavors of smokey cedar with leather, deep rich earth, coffee, subtle sweet notes and muted pepper balancing out into a medium to full bodied cigar.

What else can you say about a cigar I love so much! Everything you would expect from Skip Martin and CroMagnon. Wishing you continued success at IPCR 2015 and beyond!

Second purchase from

Cigar Smoke Rate: 95

Size: 6 x 54

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Cameroon

Filler: Nicaragua

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