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Viaje Stuffed Turkey, Dark Meat 2015


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Viaje Stuffed Turkey, Dark Meat 2015

“THE TURKEYS ARE COMING! With Thanksgiving just around the corner (Today actually) we have the most important part of the Thanksgiving feast on the way. This years turkeys are shaping up to be the juiciest yet” Viaje FB
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Viaje’s seasonal Thanksgiving themed cigar, the Viaje Stuffed Turkey is fat, gobbling and ready to be served with all the trimmings! According to a post on Viaje’s Facebook page the Stuffed Turkey is now its own line of cigars, with unique packaging and bands, as opposed to being a “White Label Project” as it was previously. The “White Label Project” is a platform for Viaje to release experimental blends, sizes or factory errors, etc.

For the past three years there has been two distinct blends coming in the form of the White Meat and the Dark Meat. Another release with the Stuffed Turkeys is Farmer Bill Hatchet “How does Stuffed Turkey get to your table for Thanksgiving? Call in the hatchet man“. The Stuffed Turkeys once again measure 5 x 58 the White Meat, a cigar with a Nicaraguan criollo 98 wrapper, and Dark Meat, which features a San Andrés maduro wrapper. Both cigars feature Nicaraguan AGANORSA fillers. As for Farmer Bill Hatchet, it will once again be a box-pressed 7 x 52 churchill. This year’s version features a corojo 99 wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers. All three cigars are limited to 300 boxes and are being produced at Raíces Cubanas in Honduras.



Viaje Stuffed Turkey White Meat

  • Size: 5 x 58
  • Wrapper: Criollo 98 AGANORSA
  • Binder: Nicaragua AGANORSA 
  • Filler: Nicaragua AGANORSA


The Vitola is aptly named on this day of giving thanks! This serving of dark meat is the color of rich dark coffee, slightly toothy with minimal seam and vein. One label surrounds our portion with a turkey straight if out the South Park episode of attack of the killer turkeys! Fear not this turkey won’t hurt you, in fact it will make you crave seconds or even thirds! The band is colored in seasonal fall earth tones of brown and orange. Below is a background of dark maroon reading “Viaje” with “STUFFED TURKEY” in solid white font. Surrounding the Thanksgiving bird with an orange background is a knife and fork in gold outline, below with a dark brown background in gold outline sits a cooked turkey ready to be carved up courtesy of Farmer Bill Hatchet that looks like an axe wielding psychopath! Our portion of dark meat has a rounded cap with a wide open foot. Pre-light aroma smelled of strong barnyard with leather. The cold draw had distinct flavors of cedar and tea.


Upon first light cigar smokers beware this turkey bites back with a massive amount of black pepper that hits right to the core! Leather, cedar and roasted nuts complement the background flavors of rich natural tobacco with nuances of cinnamon and molasses to give the stuffed turkey a sweet and spicy finish. The retro had a powerful peppery flavor with a sweetness of dried fruit.


Entering cruise control burn the black pepper hasn’t let up! Strong flavors of coffee, dark chocolate and cedar are balanced perfectly with nuances of sweet tea, charred cinnamon and natural tobacco. What’s impressing me most is the fullness of peppery blasts still experienced in the back of the throat along with the aforementioned complexity of flavors making the Vitola Full bodied with zero signs of letting up. The retro has intensified making almost impossible to do with every draw, however when doing so as the pepper decreases your treated to a sweetness of dried fruit and chocolate right on the top of the palate.


Moving into the final third the black pepper experienced at first light and cruise has finally decreased evolving into a sour leathery flavor, still FULL BODIED the decrease in strength has allowed more of the sweet flavors of cedar, coffee and creamy chocolate to move into center stage with nuances of roasted nuts and sweet ginger snap. The retro has decreased as well but still producing flavors of warm black pepper with a sweetness of black cherries and chocolate.


The construction of the Viaje Stuffed Turkey was solid! No soft or hard spots noted on all three examples smoked for review. The V-cut had the perfect amount of resistance that produced copious amounts of creamy dense smoke. The burn line was razor sharp on two, with the third example smoked this morning that was slightly crooked but posed no problems as the cigar was not effected. The ash was darkish grey and held tight past the inch point and fell off on its own, this mornings cigar had a flowering effect on the ash but as mention did not effect the smoking experience. The strength of the Stuffed Turkey was in the solid FULL BODIED FULL FLAVORED range that produced an enjoyable smoking experience on this day of Thanksgiving! I’m already looking forward to my after dinner helping that I can complement with coffee.


  • Black pepper 
  • Leather
  • Roasted nuts
  • Chocolate 
  • Sweet Cedar
  • Black pepper, Dried fruit on the RETRO


Special shout out and thanks to J.Scott Heise for his awesome sketch of a smoking Turkey that fit perfectly in this review! Check out his website at itcigarclub,com

Cigars purchased from: Boiling Springs Wine & Cigar, 15 cigars, 5 White Meat, 5 Dark Meat, 5 Farmer Bill Hatchet

Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 9.3/10

Size: 5 x 58

Wrapper: San Andres Maduro

Binder: Nicaragua AGANORSA 

Filler: Nicaragua AGANORSA
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