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Viaje WMD 2014


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This is the tenth installment of the Skull and Bones since Viaje introduced the line in 2010. With many shapes and sizes the Viaje WMD was introduced in 2011 as part of the third batch of Skull and Bones cigars released. The WMD returned in 2012 as part of the sixth batch of Skull and Bones released. In 2013, the WMD size was not released. The Viaje WMD is the shortest vitolas in the Skull and Bones series measuring 3 x 3/4 in length. It was originally released with a 54 ring gauge. There have been no specifics if there will be changes to the WMD size. 


The Skull and Bones series uses a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and filler. The Viaje Skull and Bones is one of the largest and hardest lines to track in the history of the industry. Altogether, the line consists of 22 different releases, some of them remixes of previous releases and others just a quick blip in what constitutes some of the most popular sticks in recent years. With its iconic Jolly Roger branding and bold flavors, this is one line that screams for attention. Fortunately, it is one of the few that lives up to its bold appearance and marketing. What smokes are in the Viaje Skull and Bones line? Though there have been 19 separate releases in the line, they consist of a handful of blends. These include the Daisy Cutter, the MOAB, the WMD, the FOAB, the Cloudmaker and the Little Boy. The WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) was also released in 2011 and 2012 before getting an update for a 2014 release. The WMD is another Nicaraguan Puro, with a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper front and center.


Coffee bean in color the the Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper is seamless with notable vein and tooth. Two labels sit on the short vitola, the primary label has a matte black background with an iconic red Jolly Roger! Created to strike fear into merchant ships during the golden age of piracy or used as a poison symbol on things we’re not supposed to ingest. It’s a Viaje standard and highly sought after due to small batch release the recognizable Skull and Bones in this case means something tasty and good! The secondary label reads “Skull and Bones” also in bright red with old style font. Decorated in smaller white crossbones rounding out the primary label, quite simple yet visually stunning. Pre-light aroma had a strong smell of barnyard and notes of earth and cedar, the cold draw produced flavors of leather, earth and floral notes.


Upon first light there is a slight flavor of black pepper spice and coffee, chocolate and cedar are at the forefront. The black pepper has reduced significantly after the first inch but leaving lingering spice on the palate in between draws. The retro is producing white pepper blasts evolving into a bouquet of dried fruit.


The black pepper has all but vanished, flavors of coffee, milk chocolate and charred cedar are taking over the flavor profile and balancing in perfectly! Leather and earth are background flavors and the combination of milk chocolate and coffee give it a bold sweet finish with a slight bitter aftertaste. The retro is still producing white pepper evolving into a black cherry and raisins in the front of the palate with spice still noted on the tongue and lips in between draws.


The black pepper experienced at first light has returned but mild in intensity, still kicking on full thrusters is the coffee and milk chocolate flavors experienced throughout the entire duration. Slight flavors of cedar, leather and earth have been consistent background flavors adding to the sweet and bitter aftertaste. The white pepper on the retro has decreased but still present, black cherry and dried fruit – raisins are still notable with muted spice on the lips and tongue in between draws.


Called the WMD, weapon of mass destruction is quite contradictory in terms! A more fitting name would have been the WMD, weapon of mass deception! I was expecting a pepper bomb of epic proportions and although it did have its fair share of spice, what I found was an extremely balanced and complex cigar with an array of flavors blended perfectly. The construction of the Viaje WMD was solid! The nub sized cigar produced the perfect milkshake type draw producing thick plumes of creamy white smoke. The burn line was jagged and the dark ash held tight to the inch point and tapped off with ease. The Viaje WMD was in the solid MEDIUM BODIED wheelhouse and the smoke time was just short of an hour.


  • Minimal Black Pepper
  • Coffee
  • Milk Chocolate 
  • Leather
  • Earth/Cedar
  • White Pepper on the retro, Black cherries, Raisins


Cigars Purchaed From: 5 Pack From Auction

Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 8.9/10

Size: 3 3/4 x 54

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo

Binder: Nicaraguan 

Filler: Nicaraguan 

News Source For Viaje WMD: Cigar Coop
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