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Cigar Review: MBombay Tobak, Gaaja (Pre Release)

Cigars, for us, is a way of life. The philosophy is simple; use of the best quality of tobaccos and make a best quality cigar.  MBombay cigars represent the most admired cigar culture of Cuba. From selecting the best of the best quality of different tobaccos used to the aging process of the cigars, are taken into consideration. Our cigars are rolled in Costa Rica by some of the most experienced cigar rollers, giving it a unique smoking experience. The band for our cigars, portray the most detail and artistic nature of our small industry.
We had been working on the blend of Gaaja for more than 4 years. The process involved in logistics and long fermentation of tobacco from countries like Peru and Paraguay, it really tested our patience. We had to wait for 3 vintages of the Hybrid Connecticut wrapper leaf for the perfection we wanted. As the elders say, “patience pays off”, hence Gaaja.  

The blend will incorporate tobaccos from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Perú, and Paraguay. Gaaja will be available in one size a 6 x 54 box-press Toro. The cigars will be packaged in 24 count boxes.


The Wrapper of the Gaaja is medium brown in color and apart from minimal seam it’s silky smooth to the touch. The cigar is box pressed with an open squared foot and a rounded cap. One band sits on the cigar, colored in drab gold and ornately circular the design reminds me of a Celtic Triskeles or something from the “Book Of Kells”. listening to Mel Shah, owner of MBombay Tobak this morning on Kiss My Ash Radio he informed the listeners that his wife created the design in which the ornate art work really gives the cigar a far Eastern look or something you would see in a gallery housing the art of India. The only lettering on the band is in red around the label “Bombay Tobak” in cursive and “GAAJA” in straight bold font. Pre-light aroma had notes of sweet hay, natural tobacco and dry oatmeal.


Upon first light there is a slight flavor of bitter char evolving into burnt caramel and warm graham cracker. The cigar was producing earthy floral notes with slight spice found in ginger snap. 


After cruise control burn flavors of nutmeg and charred cinnamon were giving the Gaaja a unique taste of sweetness. The floral notes intensified into a muted pepper spice that mixed nicely giving the cigar a long and balanced finish that was both sweet and spicy.


Flavors of burnt graham cracker returned as was mentioned on first light. The floral notes have tapered off slightly allowing flavors of natural tobacco, nutmeg, leather and toffee. Muted spice is still noted on the palate in between draws but minimal in intensity.


The construction of the Gaaja was solid, the wrapper seemed a bit fragile upon the V cut but held up throughout the duration. The ash was slightly crooked on the example I smoked this morning, but was virtually flawless on this afternoons example. The draw had the perfect amount of resistance and produced copious amounts of thick creamy white smoke. The strength of the Gaaja was in the consistent HIGH MEDIUM bodied range that allowed all flavors to be tasted, never one being overpowered by the other, extremely complex and very balanced over an hour and a half of pure smoking pleasure.


The retro throughout the duration of the cigar produced pepper floral notes right on the top of the palate. Retro hale is a must with this cigar as the flavors blended perfectly producing warm mocha and dark chocolate aftertaste.


  • Graham Cracker
  • Nutmeg 
  • Floral Spice 
  • Burnt Caramel
  • Toffee
  • Natural Tobacco 

Samples for review provided by MBombay Tobak

Cigars Smoked For Review: 2

Cigar Smoke Rate 9.5/10

Size: 6 x 54 (Box Press)

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut desflorado, Variety Hybrid Mejorado 2004

Binder: Ecuador HVA Seca Mejorada

Filler: Seco: Perú Hybrid Habano. Viso: Ecuador Criollo 98, Paraguay Hybrid Habano 2000, Dominican Criollo 98. Ligero: Dominican HVA Mejorado
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